At Little Rubies Learning Academy we use a creative curriculum that  supports materials to promote active, playful, and authentic learning opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to support children’s development of knowledge, skills, and processes that will help develop a sense of self and immerse in the world around them. The main goal of Little Rubies Learning Academy is to encourage learning through organization around real world themes. These relevant themes not only identify, but also expand a child’s current understanding of the world. This guarantees that our students become more knowledgeable, thus increasing their potentials for success.

Our Real World Themed Learning Approach

The central goal of this curriculum is to help guarantee that young children will develop these critical skills, knowledge, and life habits. This allows them to become successful learners, especially in their language and literacy development.

Introduction to STEAM

As part of our educational goals, we are a STEAM-focused academy. Our programs focus on giving today’s students the STEAM and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in the careers of the 21st century and beyond!

Your child will participate in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering,  Arts and Math) activities and learning environments using the latest technology available. Everyone learns better by doing (not just watching), so our activities and enrichment programs are always hands-on and interactive.

Literacy and Building Program

Our program uses children’s stories to help children develop important literacy skills, including letter recognition, vocabulary development, letter-sound correlation, and more. Our monthly Social Focus themes explores character development as children discover character traits such as responsibility, patience, creativity, and respect etc.

Language and Vocabulary

At Little Rubies, our curriculum is designed to help our children succeed independently by stimulating their intellectual, social and cognitive minds, whilst meeting each child at their own unique level of development. Each month, a new adventure begins! The teacher reads a story using a set of techniques designed to enhance your child’s understanding of literacy concepts and encourage the development of positive character traits. By combining the power of our Curriculum with the guidance of quality teachers, our goal is to provide stimulating learning experiences that support brain development and maximize the child’s mental capacity