Infant Program
(6 weeks-1 year)

At no other stage of life does learning occur so rapidly. Find comfort knowing your child is in the right place at the right time!

Our Infant Program has been carefully designed to deliver a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment with activities to help your child achieve important milestones while having fun!

Every day reveals an exciting new world for your baby. Learning and development starts long before birth and accelerates rapidly afterwards. Therefore, infants must continually build knowledge and connect new ideas to what they already know and do.

Toddlers Program
(1-3 years)

We channel that boundless energy and tap into their natural curiosity to maximize their development during this exciting time

At Little Rubies learning Academy, we understand the unmatched energy and curiosity of toddlers. As such, we are confident our program fills their day with challenging and engaging activities to build on previous knowledge and present them with new opportunities to grow. Our Little Rubies Toddler Program is kid-paced while still fostering important developmental skills and making learning fun!

Preschoolers Program
(3-4 years)

Providing an advanced educational foundation for a higher level of success

At Little Rubies, we understand your eager preschooler is ready to go all the time. Rest assured, our program is well-equipped for this energy and constant thirst for knowledge through our accredited Preschool program. Our Little Rubies Preschool Program provides your child with the environment, nutrition, safety, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning.

Pre-K Program
(4-5 years)

Thoughtfully designed to prepare your child for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Our Pre-K program sets your child up for success for Kindergarten and beyond. As your child is preparing for the excitement of starting school, we provide them with a foundation of fun, learning and development that will benefit them for the rest of their lives! The sounds of children laughing and playing are the sounds of children learning at Little Rubies.

Center Opportunities:

  • Language and Literacy Center helps children build their language skills
  • Art Center presents free-choice art experiences that develop skills and imagination
  • Construction Center develops spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating
  • Dramatic Play Center encourages individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props
  • Math Center lets children apply math skills with a variety of materials and strategies
  • Reading Center promotes independent reading and a love of books
  • Science/Sensory Center allows children to experiment with materials
  • Writing Center encourages beginning letter formation through a variety of materials and activities.